Agricultural carbon capture supply developer

Rize ag is hiring!


Rize's mission is to develop climate finance to fuel the transition to a sustainable and low carbon agriculture, starting with carbon credits. To fulfil our mission, Rize is building the first European platform for agricultural carbon credits. We help farms that adopt sustainable farming practices leading to increased carbon storage in soils & decreased emissions to generate an additional revenue stream.

We finance this revenue stream by selling carbon credits to European corporates that are looking to enhance their climate strategy by supporting local high quality carbon offsets.

Today, climate finance is still massively underdeveloped, especially for agriculture. That is why we leverage advanced technologies to improve the traceability and transparency needed to set up robust financing schemes for sustainable agriculture. By leveraging the automations that come through technology we also turn economics in our favor; making carbon financing easily accessible to all European farms irrespective of their size.

Job Description

We know that the journey to develop carbon financing for agriculture will be filled with plenty of
exciting challenges, as we will be setting new standards for climate finance, developing new
impact monitoring tools and exploring the horizons offered by sustainable agriculture. Do you want to be at the heart of an impact project that will shape the future of agriculture, by applying the bestof tech, and within a high potential start-up?

Rize was started by three co-founders from the Ecole Polytechnique with experience in finance,
operations and artificial intelligence. Now that the project has gained traction, we are looking to
extend the team and welcome new team members to increase the reach of their services in
agriculture and accelerate the development of their tools.

This offer is aimed at a sales representative who will be involved in the development of our supply and the strengthening of our partnerships in agriculture.

Rize is a start-up, so the internal career evolutions are limitless and the candidate will naturally
have plenty of opportunities to work on tasks outside of the direct scope of this offer as the
business evolves.

The initial objective of the role is to accelerate the deployment of our tools and services in
agriculture. The candidate will work closely with the COO on all the aspects of our supply side
(agriculture). The role involves, but is not limited to:

● Support the development of large scale projects alongside our strategic partners
(including our ongoing pilot projects).
● Development of new partnerships, with a strong focus on building a strong pipeline
of qualified leads (mainly outreach, prospecting, and lead qualification).
● Take part in the development of a direct sales pipeline (direct to farmers), and operation of
the direct pipeline.
● Participation in continuous improvement of our sales approaches, processes and tools, in
coordination with the COO and potential external sales subcontractors.
● Identification of opportunities to improve our services and deliver more value to farmers and
● Participation in other activities across the business as may occasionally be necessary.

Preferred Experience

For the sales representative role, we are expecting the following skills:

● Education in sales/business or agronomy, ideally with a dual major (Business + Agronomy).
A masters’ degree is highly appreciated.
● Experience (including internships) in agriculture or sales will be considered a significant
● French and English full business proficiency (more languages are welcome).

We are also looking for someone who displays the following abilities:

● Team player
● Self-starter, organised and proactive
● Positive and resilient
● Conversational skills and active listening
● Fast learner and ability to build a strong knowledge of a complex service

We would love to work with people who share our core values:

● Interest in climate change and the impact sector more broadly
● Interest in start-ups and their ecosystem
● Digital native, remote friendly
● Casual and open-minded
● Intellectual integrity, as we aim for real impact

Recruitment Process

Please feel free to send us your CV and a short cover letter outlining your skills and interests

Due to the expected amount of applications, please note that we will not be able to reply
individually to every application. If you have not received any response within two weeks, you may
consider that your application has not been selected for further consideration.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience: > 6 months