Full-stack developer

Rize ag is hiring!


Rize's mission is to fuel the transition to a sustainable and low carbon agriculture.

By generating carbon credits on their behalf, we provide financing for farmers who adopt sustainable farming practices that lead to increased carbon storage in soils & decreased emissions. We sell those carbon credits to European corporates that are looking to enhance their climate strategy by supporting local high quality carbon offsets.

Today, climate finance is still massively underdeveloped, especially for agriculture. Rize’s scientific and technological approach improves the traceability and transparency needed to set up robust financing schemes for sustainable agriculture. By leveraging the automations that come through technology we also turn economics in our favor; making carbon financing easily accessible to all European farms irrespective of their size.

We know that the journey to develop carbon financing for agriculture will be filled with plenty of exciting challenges, as we will be setting new standards for climate finance, developing new impact monitoring tools, and exploring the horizons offered by sustainable agriculture. Do you want to be at the heart of an impact project that will shape the future of agriculture, by applying the best of tech, and within a high potential start-up?

Job Description

Rize was founded in September 2020 by three alumni from Ecole Polytechnique with experience in finance, operations and artificial intelligence. Now that the project has gained traction, we are looking to extend the team and welcome new team members to increase the reach of our services in agriculture and accelerate the development of our tools.

We are hiring our first full-stack developer to spearhead our platform development. You will work on the following projects, which will be hosted on a cloud platform:

  • Build and maintain Rize’s carbon credit platform for farmers and farming cooperatives
  • Build and maintain Rize’s back-office system to allow Rize staff to easily register new projects and monitor ongoing projects
  • Build and maintain Rize’s carbon credit marketplace

You will work under the supervision of Rize’s CPO. As Rize’s first full-stack developer, you will play a key role in defining technical choices, setting up good practices, and building the tech stack. You will also contribute towards designing our platforms’ UI/UX. This is also a role with a lot of potential for future growth as the team expands.

This job can be performed remotely in France. However, as Rize is based in Paris, periodic travel to Paris will be required.

Preferred Experience

Required tech stack and methods:


  • Vue.js
  • Blade
  • Tailwind


  • Laravel (PhP)
  • MySQL

We expect previous full-time experience in full-stack development, and fluency in French and English.

Preferred experience:

  • Serverless infrastructure
  • Experience working with different types of APIs, Git, CI/CD, etc...
  • Experience with GCP services & especially App Engine is a plus
  • Experience with fast prototyping platforms such as Bubble is a plus
  • For UI/UX design, experience with design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite is a plus

As Rize’s first full-stack developer, you should be able to work autonomously and proactively.

We would love to work with people who share our core values:

  • Interest in climate change and the impact sector more broadly
  • Interest in start-ups and their ecosystem
  • Digital native, remote friendly
  • Casual and open-minded
  • Intellectual integrity, as we aim for real impact

Recruitment Process

Please feel free to send us your CV and a short cover letter outlining your skills and interests. Also, please send links to your portfolio, past projects, or github profile.

If selected, you will first go through a screening interview, which will be followed by a short take home challenge and a final, more detailed technical interview in which your solution to the take home challenge and your portfolio will be discussed.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 19 April 2021
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience: > 2 years
  • Possible full remote