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Our mission : guiding the transition to regenerative agriculture with science

Regen Insight is a tech start-up developing climate monitoring solutions and financing services for regenerative farmers.

Today agriculture amounts to up to 25% of global greenhouse gasses emissions, while the large-scale adoption of climate friendly practices could turn agricultural soils into one of the largest carbon sinks in the world by withdrawing carbon from the atmosphere. In this global effort to solve climate change, Regen Insight has pledged to ease the journey of farmers into regenerative agriculture.

Backed by some of the best investors, including Mirova and Anthemis, and after 3 years of R&D, Regen Insight has launched a leading carbon monitoring and certification infrastructure for food companies, farming cooperatives, or carbon project developers who want to support farmers in their transition.

The Regen Insight platform displays a unique set of strengths in the world:

  • farmers can onboard and enter their data in less than 1h (10 to 20x faster than industry standards - for thousands of data points)
  • carbon models meeting the highest scientific standards (notably compliant with the Label Bas Carbone or the ISO 14 064 norm)
  • full integration between carbon monitoring tools and verification solutions for an optimal certification process

Regen Insight is the success story behind Rize, and supports projects in France, Romania and Spain.

Regen Insight was founded in September 2020 under the Rize brand, and has since grown to a team of nearly 20 people. Now, as the project has gained traction and raised funds, Regen Insight and Rize are becoming progressively independent. And we are now recruiting a dream team to bring Regen Insight to the European scale.

Do you want to be at the heart of a high-impact and meaningful project that will shape the future of agriculture, by working with the best technologies within a high-potential start-up?

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